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Free Software Magazine: Mail Servers: Resolving the Identity Crisis

"How to get Dspam, Postfix, and Procmail to play well together..."

A.P. Lawrence: Hardening your Kernel with OpenWall

"The Openwall Project provides security related kernel patches for Linux and BSD kernels. I read about this in Hardening Linux by James Turnbull..."

Advisories: March 8, 2005

Today's security advisories: kernel and squid (Conectiva Linux); abuse and kdenetwork (Debian GNU/Linux); less, php, and subversion (Fedora Legacy); ImageMagick, Hashcash, mlterm, and KDE dcopidlng (Gentoo Linux); and libexif, lesstif1-1, and squid (Ubuntu Linux).

ONLamp: European Open Source--3 Years On

"When Euro OSCON hits Amsterdam in October it will be nearly 3 years since I wrote this post calling for a European OSCON..."

ComputerWeekly: Open Source's Open Sore

"Intellectual property rights can catch out the unwary, says Alison Bryce..."

NewsForge: Ham and Wine Go Well Together

"Wine--the open source implementation of the Windows API on X and Unix--is a tool that you may never need..."

WindowsITPro: Storage Represents Linux's Next Challenge

"Linux is continuing its seemingly inexorable march from the network periphery to providing file, print, and workgroup services on into the heart of the IT infrastructure at many companies..." Open Letter to the EU: Constitution, We Have a Problem

"Jonas Maebe, Belgian computer scientist and board member of FFII, explains in an open letter how the experience with the software patent directive has proven the EU and its proposed Constitution to be a dangerous political farce..."

LinuxInsider: Linux Making Inroads into Automotive Industry

"Linux, the ubiquitous free operating system that by some estimates currently runs over half of all servers and is swiftly making inroads into operating systems from computers to mobile phones, is now targeting the automotive industry..."

Search390: Mainframe Linux Use Growing

"Linux and its place on the mainframe has been a hot topic among zSeries users ever since open source enterprise software started gaining momentum as a tangible solution in the late 90s..."

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